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Welcome to the CORE SCHOLARSHIPS Application website!

We're glad you made it.  Now roll your sleeves up--we work together to help you and your family pay for college.

First things first:  create your scholarship account!  It helps to use the same username/password you used at the website. (just sayin')

The application is in three (3) parts:

  • Applicant Information:  Let's us know who you are, where you've been, and where you are headed.​​​​
  • Scholarship Eligibility Form:  This part is crucial. Tells us which scholarship(s) you are eligible for.
  • "View Scholarships":  Takes you to the mainpage of each scholarship you can receive. Once you start an application, you'll be able to go back and finish or check its status the next time you login.

So get in there and submit your application, money doesn't grow on trees!  We look forward to reading your application, and appreciate being a part of your journey to the next chapter.